FREITAG Swiss Environmental Trend Pouch Leisure Fashion Men's And Women's One-Shoulder Outdoor Sports Bag Waterproof Tarpaulin M


Price: 453,14 - 407,82

About us:

Hello, my friend: We are the general distributor and manufacturer of Swiss tarpaulin environmental bags in China. We will provide you with shop quality and cheap tarpaulin bags, each of which is unique and supports diy. We will produce them for you according to the patterns you provide. Wholesale purchase and retail are welcome


The truck tarpaulin materials used by FREITAG are precision processed recycled materials. We take recycling as the basic principle, give the non recyclable materials a second life, and are committed to promoting the research, development and application of more new recycling materials

From truck to bag

Turn waste truck tarpaulins into fully functional bags
To achieve this transformation, five highly complex steps should be taken in Factory F

Step 1: Collect the tarpaulin

Five waterproof cloth purchasers of FREITAG, also called truck observer, must find 640 tons of waterproof cloth for Noerd headquarters every year. They constantly search for trucks, truck drivers and transportation companies by telephone or by the rest stations of European highways, so as to purchase waterproof cloth of ideal color.

Step 2: Split the tarpaulin

To turn a huge waterproof cloth "beast" into an R.l.p. (recyclable personalized product), first of all, pick out the metal ring, belt, safety belt and other things that are not needed for making FREITAG bags. With sharp eyes and sharper knives, the outstanding members of F work team can identify the "potential" of each piece of waterproof cloth placed on the disassembly workbench. Then cut, tear and cut the usable parts into standard 7.8 foot pieces, then fold them up and send them to the cleaning department.

Step 3: Cleaning

Mustapha and Salim waterproof cloth washing machines in the basement of Noerd Building will use 3963 gallons of rainwater and a secret improved cleaning agent every day, changing the waterproof cloth from "second-hand" to "personal style" and from "old" to "retro style". The inner beauty of the waterproof cloth is presented, and then dried, and then packaged according to the color and sent to the bag designer.

Step 4: Design

Lara and her co designers use templates and knives to cut and cut waterproof cloth to make each bag, to achieve a perfect design, and then make sure the rest is available. FREITAG package should not only be functional and practical, but also beautiful and personalized in appearance

Step 5: Sewing

Your FREITAG bag is sewn by partners with years of experience who are familiar with how to sew waterproof cloth thicker than leather. After the sewn bags are returned to Noerd headquarters, they will undergo a series of strict quality control tests to ensure that they are cut up to standard. We will put them into a box according to FREITAG's secret color scheme. Put the bags to be sold in the online store on the display stand and take photos from all angles.


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